The Decepticons and the Autobots have always hated each other. Their rivalry eventually crossed the galaxy and reached Earth: The Transformers are conducting a violent war here on Earth. This is how American director Michael Bay adapted the cartoon into a successful sci-fi film in 2007. The story was drawn from an animated series, originally released in 1984. 

The Transformers are in fact extraterrestrial robots which have evolved into two opposing camps. On one side, the Autobots are the good guys under the command of Optimus Prime, continually countering the dastardly plots of the Decepticons.

The latter came to earth to capture the Allspark: An artefact with power great enough to control the entire planet. Bumblebee, the extraterrestrial robot who also happens to be the car of the unsuspecting Sam Witwicky, a young human, is sent to Earth as a scout. 

The plot is but one of the films great qualities. These robots, that turn into fast and powerful cars, are favourites with little boys.

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