Before being adapted into cartoon form, Molang was a tiny character from the imagination of the Korean Hye-ji Yoon. This little rotund rabbit, known for his great curiosity and endless joie de vivre, immediately got the public hooked. 

Molang is the epitome of optimism. Along with Piu Piu, a small chick with similar qualities, he lives a quiet life that is not, however, free from difficulties, but which ultimately result in triumph. 

Molang started out as stickers and emoticons and immediately shot to fame in China and Korea. In 2013 the Millimages production company decided to produce a cartoon on the concept.

The animated series embodies the concepts joy, happiness and optimism with which Hye-ji Yoon embodied his character. Molang is always in a good mood. He loves the minutiae of life, and sees good and happiness in everything, with his generous heart. 

Piu Piu supports him in everything he does, though is more quiet and timid.

Molang inhabits in a magical world that boys and girls love. The animated series has inspired us to create a collection around this little character and his positivity. To instil joie de vivre in your young customers, offer the Molang licence on your shelves. Our role, as a clothing wholesaler and supplied, is to offer you the best quality at manufacturer prices

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