Projet Mc2

Thanks to our position as a wholesaler and supplier of children's clothes we can offer the most popular items for this clientele. Here you will find the licences that are the most in-demand with young audiences. They are aimed at retailers, merchants and sellers of children's clothing. You can find items featuring the stars of the movies, series and cartoons most dear to children. Our speciality: Superior quality products sold at quantity, at manufacturer's prices.

Recently, our designers have created a collection based around a new license that little girls love: Project Mc2. McKeyla, Adrienne, Bryden and Camryn are ordinary high school girls who turn into super-sleuths by night. Their mission: To watch out for a multi-millionaire prince who plans to flee into space on a rocket after receiving death threats. These young secret agents, passionate about science and technology, have exciting adventures while displaying a great sense of humour combined with great style.

So that your customers can be as pretty and trendy as the Project Mc2 heroines, don't delay in stocking up on items from this license. We offer them at manufacturer's prices so that retailers and store managers can set their own, for the profit margins they want. We also ensure shipping and delivery for each paid-up order.

The young spy McKeyla recruits three high-school friends, experts in science and technology, to form a team of secret agents. The team has to keep track of a multi-billionaire prince who has to flee into space by rocket after receiving death threats. McKeyla and friends have to keep a sharp eye out.