Super Wings

In Super Wings, planes don't just fly, they also race and, the icing on the cake, they know how to talk like humans. In centre stage, there is the small plane called Jett, who soars through the air as he travels the world and brings children their parcels. 

Each delivery is an opportunity for Super Wings, comprising Jett and his friends, to help children and teach them about cultural diversity. No journey, however, is without its mishaps. A problem always arises which the team must resolve before reaching their destination.

Intended for young children, Super Wings is an opportunity for them to see landscapes from around the world, to learn about other languages, cultures and countries. It is aimed at preschool children, aged 2 to 5 years.

Jett, the small red and white plane on whom the story is centred fulfils the role of deliverer. Donnie, an orange and blue aircraft, is gifted in making parts and carrying out repairs on machines. He is never seen without his handy toolbox. Dizzy, Jerome, Grand Albert, and so on are part of Jett's team and are always ready to help him when in a tight spot.

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