girls' blankets

Girls' blankets

The weather will soon be getting chilly. Why not consider including licensed blankets in your collection of girls' accessories? Browse our catalogue including the biggest licences of the moment, and register now to view our prices: The best on the market!

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In winter, the nights are particularly cold. Girls are more sensitive to the cold, which is why they have a penchant for comfy blankets. These small blankets both protect, and are easily transportable throughout the house. They can be used while reading on the couch or tucked up in bed, watching an episode of their favourite soap opera with a mug of hot chocolate on the nightstand.

If you would like to offer such comfort to your young customers, it is time to include plaid blankets in your shops. Suitable for girls of all ages, they are mostly available in 100 cm x 150 cm size. To brighten up the monotony of winter, they are available in cheerful summery colours.

Soy Luna blankets, for example, are pink or turquoise blue, Chica Vampiro blankets, especially those featuring Daisy, are in fuchsia or pink, and blankets with Frozen characters on are available in blue or pink.

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