Girls' bags

Girl's bags

Ever-useful for transporting belongings to sports sessions or on outdoor trips, girls' bags are essential accessories. Whether worn on the back or carried as a handbag, Suncity's licensed girls' bags are sturdy and zip-locked to keep possessions safe.

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Bags are among the most beloved of girls' accessories. Girls' days out are a chance to chat about the beauty of some bags and the practicality of others. At Suncity, specialist in girls' bags, they are all beautiful, practical and safe. Girls won't be afraid to lose their possessions, thanks to their zipped closures.

They also make it easy to organise belongings thanks to multiple pockets. These functional bags are perfect for your customers, so don't delay, buy from us now at manufacturer prices. We offer different series of shoulder bags aimed at retailers of girls' accessories. Because we know the what's popular with girls, we produce them in pink, and in small and large sizes, suitable for all occasions.

Suitable for all sizes, they are adjustable and customisabile. They feature famous characters popular with children: Anna and Elsa from the Snow Queen, Minnie Mouse, etc.

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