Wholesalers and clothing manufacturers, we have a wide variety of timeless licenses including Avengers.


Also join the world-class stores of our customers and let us provide you with the children's clothing from the Avengers range.


Various accessories such as Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor are also available: picnic bags, socks, storage boxes, cushions, ponchos, ....


All of our products come in different sizes and target all age groups so that clothing stores and retailers can truly source to satisfy all their customers.


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Some examples of products


Marvel has found the perfect vein with the Avengers, a league of superheroes who have allied themselves to fight evil like the big bad Thanos.

Heroes such as Tony Stark, Captain America... continue to dazzle little boys and the Avengers license continues to be a hit in retail outlets.

SunCity opens the door to the impossible in terms of selling children's clothing. As wholesalers and suppliers, we have their preferred licenses.

We cater exclusively to stores, shops, purchasing managers so as to any other retailer wishing to fill their shelves.

We are experts in children's clothing needs and expectations, and this is why we only offer the clothes they are interested in, of all ages.

Our products are of high quality for an extremely competitive price. You won't find the licenses we sell at manufacturer price elsewhere in the market.

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In addition, we hold to support the entire order until its delivery all over the world.

Among our boys' collection, you will find a very reputable license: The Avengers. This is certainly the quintessential license for all boys.

Captain America, Thor, Ironman, Hulk, Hawk's Eye and the Black Widow are recruited by Nick Fury, shield director, to protect the world and preserve its peace.

In the first film released five years ago, the superheroes team fights Thor's evil brother, Loki, who is preparing an invasion of planet Earth.


This first installment is followed by other adventures in 2015 and two more films will be released in the course of 2018-2019. These superheroes are distinguished by their superhuman strength, their powers and their unlikely union as their personal qualities not always being in symbiosis.

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