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For the new school year, consider adding leggings for girls to your collection. Very comfortable for play, practical for excursions, and perfect for everyday comfort, these leggings and tracksuit bottoms are an essential part of every girl's wardrobe. Register now to find out more about licensed girls' leggings on Suncity!

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Legging are extremely popular with girls. These versatile garments are perfect for snow, the cold, in the classroom, and in parks. Why not offer your female clientele our collection of girls' leggings, stockings, trousers and tights. You'll find a wide choice in this department, featuring all the trendiest colours. In Hello Kitty series items, your customers will not go unnoticed, and will be the envy of the playground.

The same is true with Sofia tights that are available in pink, purple or white. Made from cotton, polyester and spandex, they resist the harshest of cold and ensure comfort and elasticity. They give full freedom of movement, and their form lends a slender and elegant look. Visit our site to place your order now at manufacturer prices, and pass on these great products to your customers.

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