Boys' jackets and winter coats

Boy's jackets and winter coats

Winter is not far off, and it's time to start preparing your range of clothes for the season. Suncity is here to help your customers ward off the cold with our new collection of jackets and winter coats, under licence. Children will spend the winter cosily, warmed by none other than their favorite cartoon characters.

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Before winter arrives, why not think about resupplying your range of children's clothes in advance. Choose from our collection of boys' jackets and winter coats. With the latter, you are sure to keep your clients warm this winter, while making healthy profits.

As always, our jackets and winter coats are made from a material that's great at keeping you warm: polyester. These products are also weatherproof and long-lasting. You can offer your clients a wide selection of cartoon characters on these jackets and winter coats. We have fast-selling licences, including Minions, Star Wars and Ice Rally.

Zipped in front, these garments include hoods, of which some are detachable. By stocking these items, you can offer your customers an impressive choice of colours: black, blue, navy blue, red, brown etc.

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