Boys' caps and hats

Boy's caps and hats

Increase sales in your boys accessories department by offering caps and hats, decorated with their favourite Disney characters, on your shelves. Suncity offers a line of licensed boys hats and caps that will protect children from the sun, while lending the look of their favourite heroes. Register now to see current rates and licences.

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When the sun is out and the weather's good, boys want to be outside, playing with their friends. Don't deprive them of this pleasure under the pretext that it's too hot, simply make sure their heads are covered to protect them from the harmful effects of the sun. Suncity's caps and hats for boys are perfect for keeping the sun off, and for preventing the risk of dehydration or sunstroke.

Manufactured to the highest quality, these protective hats are also available in the most popular licences of the moment. Licensed caps and hats for boys are more than just practical accessories, they are true fashion accessories. Fans of Cars, Spiderman and Dusty will love wearing their hats, so much so that they may not want to part with them by taking them off!

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